Bargain Harry Potter Dobby 3/4 vinyl Child’s Mask

Includes: 3/4 Vinyl Mask. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter Copyright accessory.
  • Pair with your own shirt and trousers to create the Dobby of your choice
  • One size fits most children ages 5-12
  • Officially licensed Harry Potter costume
  • Made from vinyl
  • For ages 4 to 12 years

This All Products give to us some advantages, like this :
1. Love this product
I bought this for my 8 yo daughter, who had already made herself a Dobby costume from an old pillow case. She wore it (the mask, not the pillow case) to the library and at the beach, and says it’s comfortable and she can see well through the eye holes. It’s lightweight, but has held up very well after a few weeks of pretty significant wear, including being packed into purses, bookbags, and suitcases. It has held up to water, having been worn during playtime under the sprinkler. It was also used to top a dummy made of pillows, a shirt, a pair of sneakers and a hula necklace — just the thing you want to see when coming down the stairs first thing in the morning! Definitely a good purchase.

2. Adjustments needed
I’m 19 and got this mask for a HP themed party, it was a good size and i loved it but there were some problems. The strap that keeps the mask on broke rather quickly, but this can easily be fixed with a stapler or if you are out of a staples like i was then you can just string it through the ear hole and make a double knot. The other problem was the eye holes, for some reason the designer made them too low and to be able to see you have to tilt your head up and look down, but this is also easily remedied if you just take scissors and caught out the pupils of the mask, it actually makes it look better.

Bottom line: If you are looking to buy this mask i would say go for it, because it is quite similar to the movie and easily reparable

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Pile of junk
Bought this because I plan on going as Dobby for the Death Hallows Part 2 premier. I’ll be honest, I’ve been looking for Dobby costumes and there is a lack of them. I have made an incredible one out of a body pillow case, stockings, and other cheap items you can find at Wal-Mart. I purchased the hands from Costumes 4 U and I bought this mask on Amazon. Apparently this is just about the only Dobby mask in production.

This mask is a piece of crap, a real disappointment. It is not at all as pictured!!! There are huge holes under the eyes that are completely visible. The coloration is pathetic. There is no back to the mask, just a cheap strap. The mask says its for children so I know it shouldn’t fit me 100% correctly but I honestly don’t see how it will line up on anyone’s face. The eyes are just painted on with what looks like cheap craft paint. When I took mine out of the package it had splatters of white and black paint all over it. It is the cheapest bunch of…
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Deals for ADULT President Nixon Vinyl Mask

Disguise politicall incorrect maskKnown more for his involvement in Watergate than for his activities in the White House, the late Richard Milhous Nixon nonetheless has a cult following, even now. This Nixon mask looks just like our 37th president, and it could even put you in a sneaky mood, to boot. Just learn from Nixon’s mistakes if you happen to be influenced by it: come clean in the beginning. For a most effective wearing experience, customize the eye and nose holes for a comfortable …
  • One Size - Adult
  • Soft Vinyl Richard Nixon Mask

This Men give to us some advantages, like this :
1. Great!!
The mask is high quality, just as good (if not better) than anything I would’ve gotten in a local Halloween store.
It isn’t very good for wearing a long time - and the eye holes suck to your face and can be extremely uncomfortable. Once you cut out the eye-holes a little to customize it to your face, and tuck the chin under a little it’s fine.

2. Good quality mask
I wore this to both a political rally and a party and got mixed responses, from those impressed by my political savyness and my close impersonation of the man, to those terrified and confused by who i was underneath the mask. The mask itself was comfortable for the most part, though I would suggest making the eye holes of the mask slightly further out because the mask often rubbed up against my eyes. Other than that, good quality and really realistic.

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I… uh… am not sure if… this review is under oath… so I uh, can’t really attest to its quality… but I will say that it’s a damn handsome face.

It’s so handsome I would pay someone to storm Amazon’s warehouse to get one… without my knowledge, of course…
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Cheapest VIZIO M701d-A3R 70-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV

The all-new M-Series 70” (69.51” diag.) Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D has arrived with an ultra-modern design, brilliant picture quality, and a new, faster VIZIO Internet Apps Plus experience. Give any room an easy “designer home” makeover with the signature design of the M-Series, featuring an ultra-thin bezel that virtually vanishes next to the nearly edge-to-edge display. Enjoy stunning picture quality with the latest technology: Razor LED with Smart Dimming for vivid colors and deep con…
  • VIZIO Internet Apps Plus -Instantly enjoy the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and even more apps made for the big screen
  • Theater 3D -Crystal-clear, flicker-free, brighter 3D than conventional 3DTVs.
  • Razor LED with Smart Dimming for a more vibrant picture with deeper contrast -all in an ultra-thin design
  • 240Hz effective refresh rate with Smooth Motion enhanced with backlight scanning -Enjoy stunningly sharp fast action scenes
  • Built-in Wi-Fi -easily connect to the Internet with ultra fast wireless

This LED TVs give to us some advantages, like this :
1. VIZIO M651d-A2R 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV
Went to Best Buy the other day to check out this new Vizio tv on display. The salesmen wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing the picture was on the new Sony 4K tv they had on display. The guy then proceeded to show me the images on the Sony provided USB drive and how much better this Sony could show the images than the Samsung across from it which he said was in his opinion one of the next best tv’s out there. The images showed the tv’s ability to display different colors as well as the ability to distinguish between different grays ranging from white to black. Also it’s ability to display different Reds on an image similar to a vision test for color blindness.

On each of these images the samsung struggled and couldn’t display differences for about 1/3 of the color and gray bars. The Sonly 4K could. Then on the color blindness image it couldn’t display a discernible image at all. It wasn’t even visible.

I said “ok, well I’m really interested in this new Vizio,…

2. Fantastic TV for the price!
I don’t write many reviews so this will be short and to the point with some helpful info.
I just received this TV using Costco (comes out to be same price after tax/shipping as Amazon, but you get 2nd year warranty free from Costco). The TV is packaged well and installation of the base was really simple.

From reading the reviews here, I narrowed it down to this TV compared to similarly priced Samsung or LG. I’d like to say that maybe I got lucky (knock on wood) but the edge-light bleed is not so bad. After reading some forums about edge-light problems some people have had, I was expecting a nightmare. I went from a 32” Philips LCD TV to this and I have to admit the Black level of the Vizio isn’t as dark (probably a byproduct of the edge-lighting). However, don’t be scared of Vizio because some people have had excessive edge-lighting issues. If your unit has a lot of this issue, then exchange it within the return period.

Second, we all know that every TV now…

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COMPUTER USERS - Read my review!
First off, I am primarily a computer user. I value frames per second (refresh rate) and motion fluidity over other features like apps. My greatest discovery with this TV in regards to getting the smooth motion to work as close to perfect as possible when viewing videos on your computer can be found near the end of this review. It’s pretty much the last paragraph.

Bought from Walmart for 799 before tax. The box was in horrible condition. I had it shipped site to store. I was worried I got a refurbished model or something it was so bad, but everything was in good working order inside. Hooked it up without any issue.

CONTROLLER: is pretty horrible. I had a previous Vizio model which had the same issues with the controller. It’s like you have to press hard on the keys and hold them for longer to get it to respond. Not sure if it’s a controller issue what, but it is annoying.

SOUND: The sound I consider pretty good for a TV. The problem is, that…
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Deals for Barrack Obama Vinyl Full Face Costume Mask

Disguise politicall incorrect mask
  • Made of flexible vinyl
  • Adult size

This Men give to us some advantages, like this :
1. For professional RDC’s (rodeo clowns) only
I’ve been a professional RDC (rodeo clown) going on nigh about 37 year. When I first started out RDCing (rodeo clowning) we didn’t have need nor budget for no fancy masks. Some red yarn, a beep nose, some ripped up jeans and your wifes makeup bag was about as good as it got for an RDC (rodeo clown). Times have changed and so have I. I don’t mind saying that I have a time or two donned an Obama mask for RDCing (rodeo clowning). The first time I donned an Obama mask for RDCing (rodeo clowning) was back in 1968 for a particularly bloody rodeo in Tulsa, five RDCs (rodeo clowns) entered, only one left.
This particular Obama mask is my favorite for RDCing (rodeo clowning), but I caution you that it is only for professional RDCs (rodeo clowns). It has no ear, mouth or nose holes making it very difficult to use your clown senses. As any RDC (rodeo clown) knows, you need to be able to HEAR that bull, you need to be able to SEE that bull, and most importantly, you need to be able to TASTE…

2. Socialism …Spreading the Wealth Since 1917
I Love this mask
I wear it when I go out take money from hard working people.
Then I give the money to lazy people that prefer not to go to work
This mask works every time and the liberal media loves me too

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Thumbs up for Obama Mask
This mask allows sound and air to come through the ears, mouth, nose and eyes and fits fairly comfortably for a rubber mask - It fits my teen son but also fits me and my husband comfortably. My son’s blond hair only sticks out a little bit in the back where there is a v in the hairline but at night it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

It looks a LOT more like Obama in person than in the photo having even the small details like the tiny mole at the side of his nose. It was the last one at Target and a few people were eyeing it as I carried it around. My son can’t wait to use on Halloween and for an upcoming class project. PLus, we’ll probably use it on election night as a party prop!
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Buy Mardi Gras Masquerade Venetian Feathered Silver Female Karneval Mask

Mask Karneval Style Silver Accessory
  • Single Elastic Head Strap
  • Black Sequin Trim
  • Black Feathers
  • Silver Sequin Burst with Plastic Red Gemstone

This give to us some advantages, like this :
1. awesome mask
This was a great company to work with I rec’d on time and the mask was just beautiful!!!

2. Beautiful and well made!
I love this mask! It’s well constructed and super comfortable to wear. Was very pleased with the item and love that it has felt on the inside to keep your face comfortable and has a headband instead of a band so it sits nicely on your head.

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So disappointed!
I was so excited to see the box with my mask on my front steps today! Then I opened the box and that excitment faded. What I was looking at looked like a cheap version of the picture of the product that I had thought I was buying! The mask itself is fine, but the feathers (or lack of them) was a real disappointment. In the picture there is a full fan of feathers that start above the eye and fan out to below the eye, in reality the feathers start at the temple, stick straight back and end 3 inches lower!!! Not the dramatic sweep of feathers I had seen online! I wish that I had time to purchase another mask so I could just return this one!
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Bargain Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Costume - Size: 3T-4T

Deluxe costume includes- Bodysuit with attached chest piece, hood and shin guards. Size 3T-4T. Polyester.
  • Size: 3T-4T
  • Deluxe Costume
  • Cool chest piece attached
  • Spats to give it the spaceman look
  • Officially Licensed Product of ¬©Disney/Pixar.

This Boys give to us some advantages, like this :
1. Buzz light year not so much
I purchased the buzz light year costume and its accessories. For the money I spent, I should’ve gotten something better. The costume actually ripped as soon as I put it on my son. Very flimsy costume for the money I spent. I went to the Disney store and bought a whole costume for less money and it was way cooler, it lit up. The one I purchased here didn’t. I gave the costume that I bought here to good will so hopefully someone will benefit from it, because I did not.

2. Buzz Lightyear Deluxe
I ordered this costume for my Grand-son for Christmas. We had Christmas a few days early and he was so very delighted to get this. He adores costumes but I must say I was absolutely infuriated to see that the whole costume was coming apart at the seams after he only had it on for 2 hours! I am very unhappy because it needs to be resewn on almost all seams. With company inhouse, I was not able to even begin to sew it up for him.
What a huge waste of money for such a cheaply made outfit!!! I am very disappointed as he is also. Do not order this item!!

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Disney Costume Child
The Suit is too smal for the 3 year old, The Purchase was made for a size big enough to fit a 4 year old, the suit is good quality make just too small if I were to order again I would order a much bigger age group to ensure a fit. The Child loves it but is squeezed into it.
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Cheap Panasonic TC-L50E60 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

Panasonic E60 Series LED HDTV (42, 50, 58, 65-Inch Class) A fully connected, network enabled TV in a super slim design VIERA TVs offer the best possible picture quality — achieving rich and robust blacks, high moving-picture resolution, smooth and velvety gradation, and vibrant colors. With stunning images and state-of-the-art design, VIERA TVs bring a special ambience to your living room.¬† 2013 Panasonic TVs are focused on sleek, minimalist designs, where unncessary elemen…
  • VIERA Connect with Built-In Wi-Fi and Web Browser
  • Full HD 120 Hz
  • Super Slim Metal Bezel
  • 60hz refers to the power source frequency (voltage).
  • Double frame technology of generating 120 frames per second (120Hz technology).

This LED TVs give to us some advantages, like this :
1. This TV has pop-up ads enabled by default - how to disable them
First off, I do like this TV. The display is crisp and clear, the blacks are deep and sharp and the sound is decent.

However, I was on the verge of returning this TV due to the constant pop-up ads that are displayed every time you power on the TV (large ad that floats up from the bottom of the screen and takes up 1/2 the TV’s screen real estate and doesn’t disappear for several seconds) and the small ad that pops up every time you adjust the volume.

Panasonic has, of course, buried the option to turn off these ads deep with-in the TV’s menu tree. Here are the steps to turn off the ads.

1. Press ‘Menu’ on the TV’s remote
2. Choose Setup
3. Choose Display customization
4. Choose Viera Connect Banner
5. Choose Off

If it weren’t for these ads and the frustration of having to navigate through every menu item to locate the option to disable them, I would have given the TV 5 stars.

2. Good but some of the options Need work
previously i had a Panasonic TC-l42e3 television and was very happy with it. I upgraded because I wanted to have wireless on board versus needing to use a wifi dongle and and use of the full viera connect apps (the e3 only had 6 canned apps).

So the picture is great! I love it. But I had issues with using my Yamaha soundbar. I connected it via the optical audio out but there was no menu option to select external speakers (my e3 had this option) so now I have sound in literal stereo because sound is coming from both the TV and the soundbar. I went to the Panasonic support site and found advice that said to mute the TV. This works but you have to mute the TV each time you turn it on! But no fear! There is a solution! The wonder of google has revealed that the TV can be placed in HOTEL mode. This mode allows a cap to set on volume control so setting the cap to 0 will allow the TV speakers to be permanently muted.

1) turn on the TV
2) press and hold the vol…

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Shock and Awe
I went into the store to buy the Panasonic plasma rated by CNET. The E60 LED was displayed next to it and I was surprised how much brighter the image is. The picture quality seemed of equal quality to the top rated unit and my eyes didn’t have to strain to see the dimmer plasma-based picture. We tried several modes and brightness levels and the plasma just couldn’t come close.

After we got it home, I was simply amazed at how good the picture quality is at this price point. The smart TV with wireless features made this a plug and play device; literally, one plug goes in the wall, configure the wireless though on-screen prompts, log into Amazon Prime, and we were blown away by the opening reels of madmen and shocked at how bad Cameron’s and Ed Rooney’s teeth are in Ferris Bueler’s Day Off… I can’t wait to throw on Art of Flight once the stereo is connected. If you are looking for a smart TV with incredible picture, no 3D, and for less than $1000, you found it!
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Deals for British Pith Helment

Ideal for yard, and garden work. Great for camping, hiking, and sun protection.
  • Military Style, Rugged
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated
  • One size fits most

This Men give to us some advantages, like this :
1. Steampunker’s Here’s your Pith helmet!!
Light weight, adjustable fit, well-made construction. I would have liked the brown strap to actually be of leather. But this is for a costume and will do. I thoroughly love this style. AND, these were the fastest shipper’s in history!! AND they are on the other side of the country from me. Way to go!!!

2. Perfect
I was very pleasantly surprised, ordered on Wed. received Sat., Exactly what I had hoped for, could not be more pleased. J.D.

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Bargain American Girl Crafts Historical Dolls Sticker Pad

Includes (188) stickers.
  • 10 historical characters
  • 188 pieces
  • Each crafting kit includes a picture-prompted, step by step instruction booklet
  • American Girl Crafts are designed to inspire girls and help develop their creative thinking skills.
  • Every American Girl Crafts project includes a Get Creative idea from American Girl.

This Stickers & Sticker Machines give to us some advantages, like this :
1. Historical Dolls Sticker Pad
I used this sticker pad as individual sheets to stuff into party favors for my soon to be 8-year-old daughter’s birthday party.

This pad contains 20 sheets of stickers. Each sheet has nine stickers, measuring in size from 1” to 3”. For example, the Josefina sheet has Josefina in four different outfits, a circle headshot with her year, her pet, her wooden trunk, her food set, and her little adobe oven.

The dolls included in this sticker pad (two sheets of each) are: Julie, Molly, Kit, Rebecca, Samantha, Addie, Kirsten, Josefina, Kaya, and Felicity.

The stickers are printed on a medium weight paper and are not overly sticky, they are on the looser side. These would be a great addition to a scrapbook page, diary, or party invitation. I would not put them on the outside of envelopes that need to be mailed.

These were perfect as favor box stuffing. They fit perfectly into the American Girl Crafts Party Purse favors by folding them in half.

2. Fun for Junior High Grand Daughter
Here is a fun sticker set that teaches history as well as creates fun during play. My grand daughter has spent hours manipulating the figures, telling stories, and doing plays for the family. That is a great value for her and for the family.

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just a sticker book
It was not an activity book like I thought. It just a book full of American Doll stickers, some of them duplicates and triplicates It was okay.
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